3D Banner Ads

Publishers can implant markers in their cookbooks allowing readers to view additional content in AR or project the featured dish onto their home table.

3D Banner Ads

The future of cook books is already here. There has been a long standard paradigm of how to read a cook book. There are pretty pictures, short blurbs and directions. 

Now imagine that the customer could be inclined to download your app, getting your company valuable information on users, and use Augmented Reality to visualize the final product on their home table!

Or, for difficult aspects of the instructions, you could use a "trigger" on the page. The home cook could use your app to scan the "trigger" and, through Augmented Reality, a video would pop up showing the author performing a tricky aspect of the recipe. 

Or, the home cook could point their phone at the relevant page, using the publisher's app, and all the ingredients could be laid before them in Augmented Reality.

With Kabaq, you can enliven the medium and create true interactive experiences with cook books.

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