Meal preparation services

KabaQ provides a tool for greater information sharing with the customer. They can access added layers of tutorial or better visualize the final product.

Using AR for Meal preparation services

At home meal preparation is a fast growing industry. Most of the directions for the home cook are given on instruction sheets with app assistance. Kabaq Augmented Reality allows the service to offer a more interactive experience to their home chefs.

Using a native app, they can access information from digital overlays on nutritional information or sourcing, for instance.

The customer can also get help in tricky instruction parts through embedded videos. 

Augmented Reality allows all the information you wanted to share with the customer to exist in a digital overlay, thus creating the ability to share more with the customer.

The use of the app in a more interactive way also enables a Meal Delivery Service to gather valuable information on how their customers interact with the menus and the instructions. 

Other Use Cases

Kabaq offers solutions for all food vendors, see below

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