Kabaq 3D Food on Snapchat

Use Snapchat or Facebook to create marketing campaigns with realistic 3D food menus

Marketing Projects for Brands

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest created a new era for food photography & sharing. They became one of the main discovery platforms for restaurants and dishes. Restaurants had to adapt to the change by preparing more "Instagram-worthy" dishes to attract customers not only with taste but with visual appeal as well. In addition to pictures, videos have made their mark as well. Video media of colorful rainbow bagels or melting cheeses generated thousands of visitors to those restaurants.   

Now companies like Snap, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are investing heavily in immersive technologies augmented, virtual and mixed reality. We believe the future of viewing and ordering food will be immersive, within AR, MR and VR environments.

Open snapchat and scan codes below to access realistic food models or just click on the links below

KFC Bucket

DipnDip Fondue

Beyond Burger

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Other Use Cases

Kabaq offers solutions for all food vendors, see below

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